TRX Force & TRX Pro T3 kit

The TRX Suspension trainer was designed by a Navy SEAL for workouts while overseas on deployment. He figured out that he could design a mobile light weight fitness device to carry anywhere in the field and work out at a minutes notice and get in his training.

Since then – not only Navy SEALs.. but many athletes around the world have been enjoying awesome workouts on the fly with the TRX Suspension trainer.

The New TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical includes the updated, ultra-durable, and portable TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer to help you builds strength, power, mobility & core stability. Also included are two TRX FORCE Training DVD's, ruggedised exercise Guide, running bag for easy transport, door anchor and Xtender Strap. Updated TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer 2 DVDs containing 3 real-time workouts Bootcamp style workout program. 

TRX Force Kit

TRX Pro T3

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